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Seeing Auras and Possibilities

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 Last Sunday I was in front of the kitchen sink and happened to notice a big bird circling in the sky. Curious, I went out onto the deck and looked up to see Eagle soaring above. This eagle has taken … Continue reading

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Six steps to attract your spiritual guidance.

Sunday Becky and I were walking the dogs down Pleasant Drive when we both were drawn to look into the sky and saw an Eagle circling above.  This in itself was unusual as we tend to be focused on the … Continue reading

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How powerful are you?

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The experience I shared last week in my blog demonstrates the power of our energy on our animals and I would venture to say on much more than that. I want to share with you the experience of one of … Continue reading

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The Animals are Using Martha Beck

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Trust me when I tell you that you will see yourself and your future in a different more positive light. That which you thought was bad luck, crappy karma or stupid choices may not be so. Continue reading

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Reincarnation. A story of Love, Loss and Hope

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Often I am asked about whether or not animals reincarnate. It is my experience and belief that they do.  Frequently, the animals in our lives have shared previous lives with us either as animals or people although more frequently as … Continue reading

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Eagle Offers Clarity for Your Life

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As I was driving down Hwy 54 the other day a beautiful Eagle flew over close to my car so I could see him clearly.  This is not a place I typically see eagles and so I was not surprised when … Continue reading

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A Lesson from King about Energy

Something happened the other day at the dog park that reminded me of how much our animals reflect our energy.  Becky and I were walking down the path with Hanna, Doc and King.   All three were running freely ahead and off … Continue reading

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