Platypus says “Feel your way into the New Year”

Inner guidance training from Platypus

Inner guidance training from Platypus

You have a bodometer.  Did you know that?  Your body is a barometer.  Today in my meditation Platypus showed up and asked me to share this information with you.  At first I wondered why Platypus?  But upon reflection, it is perfect.  I will tell you after I share my bodometer technique with you.

Each of us has an inner guidance system…I think most of us are aware of this.  But it can be difficult to trust or even hear this guidance sometimes.  When you are contemplating a decision you can list your pros and cons or you can listen within.  If you listen within and are met with a deafening silence, here’s a technique to get some answers from your inner guidance that works without fail.

I call it the bodometer.  A barometer is something that registers or responds to fluctuations; an indicator.  Your body has the same capability.  It can be a very clear indicator.

Let’s say you are pondering a decision about changing jobs.  Find a time and a place where you won’t be disturbed.  Get quiet and notice how you feel in your body.  Is there tension anywhere?  If so, allow it to dissipate.  Just imagine the tension flowing down through your body and out into the earth.  Now notice if there are any emotions or feelings coursing through your body.  If you find some take a moment to feel them.  Allow the energy of the emotions or feelings to come to the surface and be released.  When you are at a place of calmness having disbursed any tension or feelings, bring into your awareness the question about your job.  First, focus on your current job.  You can ask, “How does my soul feel about my current job?”  Then notice how you feel in your body.

Are you relaxed and happy?

Do you feel a warm glow around your heart center?

Do you feel tension or tightness in any part of your body?  (I typically feel negative associations as tension or nausea in my gut).

Maybe you feel dull or sluggish.

Your body is sharing with you deep impressions about your current job.  Now, ask “How does my soul feel about the potential new position” (of course use words that make sense for you).  Notice…how does your body feel?

This technique works well for many questions and issues.  Ask yourself about the new car mechanic or purchasing a new couch.  Maybe you want to know about that guy you met on E-Harmony.  Your wiser self is connected into the bigger picture (i.e. the field or the collective consciousness) and can advise the less wise ego self on these decisions.

As I said, it was Platypus that showed up nudging me to share this information with you.  You might be surprised to learn that Platypus knows all about “feeling through the dark”.  When a Platypus is submerged under water a fold of skin comes over its ears and eyes essentially blinding it as it swims through water.  They can be under water for up to 5 minutes…and they are completely blind.  But they “feel” their way through the water with their very sensitive bill.  This is why Platypus “medicine” helps you follow your inner sight to guide you in your life.

As you venture into 2013, see how much more ease and grace you can enjoy in your life as you tap into your wiser self with this simple technique.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.


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