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Finding Passion…Yours and theirs

I think that is why God gave us the animals as companions…to be our teachers and motivators. To help us live our lives fully and to help us realize the importance of finding our passion.
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What words are you choosing?

If we only see the unwanted behavior and don’t notice the good behavior, we end up inadvertently creating more bad behavior. The more we label our animals and see them a certain way, the more they show up that way. Continue reading

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What would your animals choose?

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is that there is always choice.  We always have a choice in any situation even if the choice is how we perceive the situation.  When we don’t recognize we have a choice … Continue reading

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Five am again.

As humans we struggle with providing unconditional love to our loved ones…we want to…we try to…but we are humans and we are raised conditionally so it is hard for us to let go of every judgment or idea of how someone should be. This is not a problem for the animals. Continue reading

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Dolphin Speaks Volumes

So this is how it begins.  The universe hit me with the proverbial 2×4.  For months I have had this blog space but have written nothing.  My guides and everyone they could summon have told me to start this blog.  … Continue reading

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