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My Last Blog Here

I’ve just launched a new website and all future blogs will be published there.  I am so grateful you have followed this blog and I do hope you have had an aha or two and perhaps a laugh as well. … Continue reading

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Why is my dog/cat/horse so fearful and sensitive?

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This is probably one of the most frequent questions I receive from communication clients.  They have an animal that seems more fearful or sensitive to noise, movement, people, energy, etc.  They may be more prone to illness or allergies too.  … Continue reading

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8 Steps to Magical New Moon Manifesting

Walking the dogs this morning I noticed the cloud like appearance of the moon hanging in the sky.  It reminded me that we are approaching a new moon and this is the perfect time to set intentions.  Just as this … Continue reading

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Do You Seek Peace?

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Today I’m writing from my hotel room in Asheville, North Carolina.  I’m here with my amazing business coach, Christine Kane and many incredible women (and three guys) that are bringing their soul’s work to the world through their businesses.  Together, … Continue reading

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Bat shares about ego and fear.

Have you ever wondered how I get the information for these blogs?  I had a reader ask me recently if I asked the animals the questions or if they just volunteered the information.  It’s yes to both.  Often I go … Continue reading

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Eagles’ message for you.

Eagle has been sharing wisdom with me for a long time.  I frequently see Eagles these days and often he shows up in my meditations.  Today, Eagle asked that I share a message with you.  Eagle knows who you are … Continue reading

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Is it time to be a scientist?

Do you often tell yourself you’ve done something wrong or not good enough? I hear this from clients. “I didn’t get quiet enough for my meditation.” “I’m not sure if what I heard from the animal was accurate.” “I wish … Continue reading

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Why some prefer the company of animals

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Do you prefer animals to people?  Would you rather spend time with your dog than your neighbor?  Often people confess to me that they would be perfectly content to spend their lives with animals and without people…like Aunt Betty and … Continue reading

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What would your animals choose?

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Full Disclosure…This is a post from 10/2010.  Today I am choosing to take care of myself…much like Red demonstrated a few weeks ago by resting and offering you this article on choosing.   One of the most important lessons I’ve ever … Continue reading

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A declaration on consciousness and intelligence in animals

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In all their brilliance, the scientists at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference at Churchill College, University of Cambridge declared on July 7, 2012 that non-human animals including all mammals, birds and some other creatures have consciousness. They went about it … Continue reading

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