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Platypus says “Feel your way into the New Year”

You have a bodometer.  Did you know that?  Your body is a barometer.  Today in my meditation Platypus showed up and asked me to share this information with you.  At first I wondered why Platypus?  But upon reflection, it is … Continue reading

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8 Steps to Magical New Moon Manifesting

Walking the dogs this morning I noticed the cloud like appearance of the moon hanging in the sky.  It reminded me that we are approaching a new moon and this is the perfect time to set intentions.  Just as this … Continue reading

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Bat shares about ego and fear.

Have you ever wondered how I get the information for these blogs?  I had a reader ask me recently if I asked the animals the questions or if they just volunteered the information.  It’s yes to both.  Often I go … Continue reading

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Do you need new skin? Cobra is here to help.

When I was in grade school we lived near the arboretum in Madison, WI.  My “backyard” was a huge nature preserve and I had unlimited places and creatures to explore.  One source of amusement was a big oak tree that … Continue reading

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Mountain Lion helps me share a deep secret.

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During my meditation today a Mountain Lion came into view and shared with me his insights about climbing towards a vision.  Much of what he shared with me was demonstrated as I watched him scale and leap among cliffs and … Continue reading

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Are full moons making you and your animals looney?

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 As we come out of this full moon in Aquarius I wanted to share with you some of my own experiences and thoughts about full moons and how they can affect us and our animals. I’ve always considered myself a … Continue reading

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Seeing Auras and Possibilities

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 Last Sunday I was in front of the kitchen sink and happened to notice a big bird circling in the sky. Curious, I went out onto the deck and looked up to see Eagle soaring above. This eagle has taken … Continue reading

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