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Surviving the Hunt…from Argus and me.

Have you noticed feeling more anxious this past week?  Maybe you feel a bit on edge or maybe you have experienced surges of adrenaline not unlike a panic attack.  If you live in Wisconsin or any other region where deer … Continue reading

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Bat shares about ego and fear.

Have you ever wondered how I get the information for these blogs?  I had a reader ask me recently if I asked the animals the questions or if they just volunteered the information.  It’s yes to both.  Often I go … Continue reading

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When is it Time to Kick Back?

One of my readers shared a situation after reading my blog “Holding a Grudge According to Cats and Horses” that brought up a good question that I think could serve us all to consider.  You may see yourself here.  It … Continue reading

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Why some prefer the company of animals

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Do you prefer animals to people?  Would you rather spend time with your dog than your neighbor?  Often people confess to me that they would be perfectly content to spend their lives with animals and without people…like Aunt Betty and … Continue reading

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Holding a Grudge…According to Cats and Horses

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A couple of days ago, Junior, one of our cats showed up with a chunk of fur missing from his otherwise adorable nose. I decided to ask Junior what happened and the conversation led me to explore how animals deal … Continue reading

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What would your animals choose?

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Full Disclosure…This is a post from 10/2010.  Today I am choosing to take care of myself…much like Red demonstrated a few weeks ago by resting and offering you this article on choosing.   One of the most important lessons I’ve ever … Continue reading

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A declaration on consciousness and intelligence in animals

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In all their brilliance, the scientists at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference at Churchill College, University of Cambridge declared on July 7, 2012 that non-human animals including all mammals, birds and some other creatures have consciousness. They went about it … Continue reading

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