8 Steps to Magical New Moon Manifesting

Walking the dogs this morning I noticed the cloud like appearance of the moon hanging in the sky.  It reminded me that we are approaching a new moon and this is the perfect time to set intentions.  Just as this thought went through my head I saw a hawk fly above me.  Whenever I see a big bird, like a hawk or eagle, I always notice what I’m thinking at the time.  I take it as an omen that my thoughts at that moment are important.  Then it occurred to me to share with you how you can take advantage of this coming new moon to plant seeds of intention for what you want to create in your life.

Dolphin says bring magic and play to your manifesting.

Dolphin says bring magic and play to your manifesting.

Before beginning to write I went into meditation and expected hawk to appear.   Instead, a dolphin appeared.  She was playing in the water and inviting me to grab on and join her.  She told me “Manifest with joy, magic and wonder.  Look for the magic and joy in your life…it’s right there in front of you.  Share your joy with others..as you share joy and magic you strengthen it…you cause it to multiply many, many times.  Be playful with your lives.”

So with joy, magic and manifesting in mind, let me give you some simple steps to set your life into motion.

Why the new moon?  Well, I’m not an astrologist but I do know a bit about the cycles of the moon as I have discussed here before…mostly because I have been so affected by the cycles of the moon that I was inspired to learn about them.

The new moon is the birthing phase of the moon cycle.   This is when we plant seeds literally or figuratively by setting intentions.  Then as we go into the dark phase of the moon between the new moon and the full moon, that which we have planted has the dark soil and time to germinate and becomes ready to burst into life at the time of the full moon.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you set the intention to have a million dollars that you will have it two weeks later at the full moon, but there is  power in taping into the cycle.

The idea of manifesting or creating situations in our life based on our thoughts is not just new age woo-woo but has scientific evidence (i.e. rigorous studies) to back it up.  It amazes me that this science has not hit mainstream but then it is in such contrast to what we have believed for so long that it isn’t unlike letting go of the idea that the earth is flat.  One of the best sources for an overview of the scientific studies and their implications is the book, The Intention Experiment, by Lynn McTaggert.

For years I have experienced this ability to manifest in my life.  Long before I ever read about the concept I managed to do it…even though I was unaware of it at least on a conscious level.  When I was 19 years old I was part of a very large national student organization for marketing and business.  I decided to represent my state and run for a national office in this group.  I began to visualize myself at the training conference that all elected officers were to go through in Washington D.C. several weeks after the election.  I never focused on the election or the national conference itself.  I just kept imagining the training conference for those who were elected.  And of course, I was elected and went to Washington, D.C. for the training conference.  While it’s true I haven’t manifested everything in my life I ever desired, I can say that I have always gotten what I need.

Now lets get to the creation and manifesting piece.  How do you take advantage of this very powerful new moon?

  1. Begin now:  Start now to think about and visualize what it is you want to bring into your life.  This way at the time of the new moon you will have your ideas flushed out and ready to plant.
  2. Get centered:  Your desires should come from your higher self, not your ego self or from a place of love not fear.  Take some time to get quiet and connect in with that wiser part of you…the part that truly knows what will best serve you now.
  3. Let go of fear:  It is very common to be afraid to ask for what is best for us.  We seem to have this fear that we will be asked to give up all our worldly possessions and go live in a hut.  Not so. Our higher self has only good in mind for us.  It might not be what we thought we needed, but I can tell you that your idea of the blessings that can come to you are very limited compared to what you really can create and deserve.
  4. Percolate:  Allow the ideas of what you want to create to percolate between now and December 13, 2012, our next new moon.
  5. Don’t be wishy washy:  As you craft the intention, be clear that you are capable of manifesting this.  Don’t use words like, “wish” or “hope”.  Use wording that states your manifestation as if it has already happened.  “I’m so happy now that…..”.
  6. Vocalize and write:  On December 13, 2012, state your intentions clearly out loud and write them down. There is power in this expression.  You might even want to keep a new moon journal.
  7. Detach:  This is the most difficult part.  Let go of your attachment to the outcome.  TRUST that you will receive all that you need in perfect timing.  If you stay attached to a certain way for things to transpire or manifest, you are putting yourself in a place of control, which is based in fear and lack.  You cannot manifest from fear and lack.  LET IT GO.
  8. Expect:  Believe that you deserve good in your life and expect your desires to manifest.  This really is a powerful piece.  I had help with this as a young child.  Being the youngest of 4 girls, my sisters were convinced I was spoiled by my mother.  I often heard “Wendy gets whatever she wants”.  I’m not sure this was true at the time, honestly I remember lots of hand-me-downs.   Never-the-less, I grew up believing “What Wendy wants, Wendy gets”.  It has served me well.

There is also incredible power when others join with you to help you manifest your intentions.  I encourage you to share your intentions here (as you feel comfortable) and I will hold the space for your intention to manifest.  And I invite all of you to also hold the space for those that share their intentions here to manifest.

You are very powerful.

Together, we are even more powerful.

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