Surviving the Hunt…from Argus and me.

Argus shares again

Have you noticed feeling more anxious this past week?  Maybe you feel a bit on edge or maybe you have experienced surges of adrenaline not unlike a panic attack.  If you live in Wisconsin or any other region where deer hunting has begun the hunt may have more to do with your anxiety than you realize.   (More about the hunt from Argus, the buck below).

Living in the country surrounded by woods and fields that others use for hunting has ramped up my awareness of my sensitivities during hunting season.  It typically begins early in the morning, about 4:30-5 am.  I am awakened by a surge of adrenalin that feels like being out walking at night in the dark and hearing a noise behind me.  It’s a brief rush of fear…completely unrelated to any current thoughts.  It’s biological at this point and is created from adrenal glands gone amuck.

But it didn’t begin as biological…it began energetically.  When you are highly sensitive and your energy feels the fearful energy of the deer anticipating the hunt or even the adrenaline rush of the hunter…your body interprets that energy as a real threat and goes into its flight or fight mode.

Our bodies interpret many events as stress and will respond to an energetic connection as if it were a physical attack.  It is also true that happy events can create a physical response to stress.  This over stimulated adrenal system can then create anxiety, panic attacks and eventually, physical illness.  Fortunately, we can control this system.

The first step is to recognize that this is a biological response to a perceived threat…in other words this is not real.

Next, we need to unplug from any sources of energy that may be creating the stress.  You can do this by visualizing all your energy coming back to you and then sending it down into the earth to ground it.

Finally, focus on your heart center and breathe deeply remembering all that you are grateful for in your life.  Allow that feeling of love and gratitude to fill your entire being. This should shift you into a state of calm contentedness   (I will be sharing a guided meditation that takes you through this process on my new website, to be launched in the next month.  You will be able to download the meditation and use it daily to help keep your energy body free from outside attachments.)

The adrenaline rush from this energetic connection typically only lasts about 30-60 seconds.  However, if you have an over stimulated adrenal system you may experience repetitive episodes.  This requires some serious self care.

In addition to the steps of grounding and breathing noted above you need to eliminate any “stimulants” from your life such as caffeine, sugar, stressful events, and alcohol…yep, alcohol really doesn’t help you relax in the long run as it depletes your adrenals.  Then you can add in ways to support yourself such as quality rest, creative time, laughter with a friend, and quiet time with your four-legged friends.

So that’s how I manage the hunting season.  Even now as I type this I can hear the guns not far away.  But what about the deer?  What’s their take on this?  About a year ago, I talked with a buck named Argus about the hunting season.

Today I wanted to know if Argus is still with us, and if he might want to share something else.  I’m happy to report that Argus is still here and has managed to outsmart the hunters.  Here’s what he had to share today.

Wendy:  Argus, I’m really happy that you are still here to share with me.

Argus:  It’s important that I continue to bring more deer into the world.  I am particularly strong and intelligent for my species so I want to father as many babies as possible.

Wendy: So how have you managed to not get caught?

Argus: For years I have observed the hunters in this area…I know their patterns and where they rest.  I am very careful to avoid them…and it is very easy to smell and hear them.  They are not as clever as they believe they are.

Wendy:  Argus, when I spoke to you a year ago you shared with me that you understand about hunting and you do not resent the hunters.  Yet, energetically I feel fear around me at this time of year.  Can you help me understand?

Argus:  Of course.  Although we understand the circle of life, it does not mean we do not still experience our instinctual nature.  We sense when the hunt has begun and we know that our lives are being threatened.  It is only natural for us to be on high alert with a sense of fear.  It is this sense of fear that most often keeps us safe.  For some, they will not live through this time.  All we ask is that you honor and thank the animals that have allowed themselves to become food for you…and to spare the young.

Wendy:  Yes, this is a time when we humans celebrate all that we are grateful for in our lives.  It seems perfect to give thanks to all the animals and plants that feed us so that we can experience life here in this human body.  I thank you for sharing your insights with me and for helping me to understand the energy I feel from the animals.

Even though this is a particularly difficult time for me as an empath, I wouldn’t ever wish to not be sensitive.  Today, I am thankful that I have the capacity to feel…to feel deeply and to be able to understand how others feel.  This sensitivity keeps me compassionate and connected to all the beauty in this world.  I may feel others fear or pain but I also feel deeply connected to the loving presence that is our Creator and that my friends, makes it all worthwhile.


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