Eagle Offers Clarity for Your Life

The Gift of Vision from Eagle

As I was driving down Hwy 54 the other day a beautiful Eagle flew over close to my car so I could see him clearly.  This is not a place I typically see eagles and so I was not surprised when Eagle showed up today for my blog meditation.  I have found that the Spirit animals will present themselves in physical form prior to bringing a message.  Eagle is offering to help anyone that asks for more clarity on that which eludes you. 

From Eagle: “If you call on me I will be your vision…to see what you might not be noticing in your life and to call attention to that for you.  When you connect with me that which you have not wanted to see or have been unable to see will become clear to you.  Remember if you receive this information through me it is important for you to know and perhaps act upon.  I am connected to Great Spirit and I bring you that which is most important now.  If you have been struggling with your life, let me provide clarity.  Those who can see and/or hear me are meant to be given my messages.  They are being called upon to bring their gifts forward into the world.  Whatever stops you from doing this can be viewed and released through me.”

Eagle shared a personal message with me that I found very valuable.  I had sensed something was “stuck” and as soon as Eagle pointed it out to me I was able to have a big release which today meant a torrent of tears.  Even though I was raised in a home that frowned upon crying (Stop crying or I’ll really give you something to cry about), I welcome tears.  Tears release energy and emotion stuck in our body and energy field.  When we cry, we release this energy in a way that honors our humanity.  And of course it releases toxins too!  My deep gratitude to Eagle.

Eagle is offering a great gift; a gift of vision for more clarity in your life.  I suggest you find a picture of an eagle that you resonate with and place it somewhere you will see it daily.  Maybe it is on your meditation altar or perhaps near your computer.  Let it remind you to take time to connect with Eagle and hear your message.  If you have difficulty getting quiet, you might want to use my guided meditation for animal communication which is available free on my website, http://www.wendywolfe.com/.

If you are so inclined, share your experience with Eagle here (sharing as much as you are comfortable with) so that others can know that this guidance is available to them too.


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3 Responses to Eagle Offers Clarity for Your Life

  1. KH says:

    again, perfect timing, Wendy.
    will try to connect with Eagle today and going forward.
    Blessings and light,

  2. Jean Meyer says:

    I printed the picture of Eagle and taped it near my computer. I became quiet and asked Eagle for help. I got the message to help more people. (I am retired and was troubled that I do not do enough as I was working with people for years). Eagle said I should go out of my house and that I help people where ever I go and that is still my focus. (I also was troubled about some health issues) Eagle said I would be healthy and help people even when I don’t know I help them. Thank you Eagle and Wendy……….Jean

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