Why some prefer the company of animals

Do you prefer animals to people? 

A younger me prefering puppies to people

Would you rather spend time with your dog than your neighbor? 

Often people confess to me that they would be perfectly content to spend their lives with animals and without people…like Aunt Betty and her 26 cats.  

I get it.

Animals love us unconditionally, a rare find in a person.  They don’t judge us if we’re cranky, plump, unemployed or underemployed.  They don’t nag us about finding a man or having children.  They just greet us with enthusiasm however we show up.

Energetically, animals are much easier to be around as well.  Because animals were never “untaught” how to replenish their energy supply they have no need to “take” energy from people.  Just the  opposite.  They often channel or flow energy to their people especially when their human is sad or ill.

How animals use their energy versus how people do is one of the primary reasons highly sensitive empaths (HSE) are so drawn to animals.  Because a HSE is deeply affected by others energy, being with an animal is like being at a spa.  It’s quiet, comfortable and relaxing in contrast to being at Wal-Mart which feels more like a heavy metal concert.  Can you relate?

Our friends, co-workers and family were not taught how to draw more energy from the infinite source when they were feeling depleted.  As a result, they “”steal” energy from us.  We all do this until we are taught differently.   Some more than others.

Often our family, partner or close friends unconsciously “attach” themselves to us energetically.  This “energy cord”  remains even when we are not physically with them.  It can be a two-way deal.  We too have an investment in being attached.  Sometimes this cord can bring a sense of belonging and security but more often it weighs us down emotionally.   At times it can drain the life out of us unless we take measures to disconnect the cord.  Learning how to disconnect the cords can be very beneficial freeing us from the entanglement.  It’s a simple practice that you can do daily.  In the end, you will feel much lighter and stronger. 

Some people attach to their animals in similar ways.  I know I have done this.  I stopped when I realized what I was doing and the negative effect it was having on Doc.  It’s not helpful to our animals even though they are much better at dealing with it because they know instinctually how to continually draw from the infinite source.  The more we can learn about managing our own energy, the better companions we make for our animals.

For many years I preferred the companionship of animals.  As a child they were my confidantes.  They comforted me when the people around me were judgmental at best and more often frightening.  I could understand and feel the animals which means I could feel their unconditional love. 

As I began to wake up to my whole self, to see more clearly how we are all connected and all perfectly imperfect, I gained more compassion first for myself and then for others.  It allowed me to see the beauty and innocence in the people around me even when it wasn’t necessarily evident by their actions.

While I understand the desire to isolate with animals I don’t recommend it because the truth is there is nothing as beautiful as an authentic relationship with another human.  A relationship where each is allowed to be their beautiful imperfect gifted self. 

To reach this, we first need to be gentle and loving with ourself so that we can allow our authentic self, warts and all to come forth.  Because when we are authentic it gives others permission to be authentic too…and that is the beginning of a different world.

Part of what allowed me to take this new view was being able to more effectively manage my own energy.  Being able to gently and lovingly disengage my energy from others gave me the space to actually open up to them in a more loving and compassionate way.  Instead of feeling manipulated and drained, I was filled with so much love from Source that I could easily share it with others. 

In the end, this is what the animals most want us to know…how to love unconditionally beginning with ourselves.  And that becomes easiest when we practice the other primary lesson from the animals…living in the present moment.

Here in the present moment we release all attachment and energy to what might of happened in the past or any expectations for any future performance.  Living in this “right now” space opens up the possibility for a more loving and authentic exchange between people.

If you are interested in learning more about the energy dynamics between people and animals…if you would like to learn how to be more comfortable in the world as a highly sensitive empath and how to develop your intuitive gifts I have just announced my new Illumination Program.  The Illumination Program is a three-month one-on-one mentoring program with me that will begin in October.  If you are interested, I’m taking applications until September 26thYou can get more information here.

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