A Plea from the Arctic Polar Bear

Going into meditation to see who shows up is always fascinating for me.  Even though I have been doing this for years it still surprises me when someone shows up without any conscious thought about who it might be.  Today, it was a Polar Bear.  She told me her name is Shatung.  For those of us who are highly sensitive we sense and feel the emotions of others.  Fortunately, this extraordinary sensitivity is also the gift of  being highly intuitive.  Even though I felt her deep sadness I was also able to hear her message.  That is the blessing…and fortunately there are always ways to close the door on the energy that comes at us continually and open up to it when it serves us.  We do have control. 

Shatung:  It is getting very difficult for me to hunt to feed myself and my family.  Our landscape is changing.  Everything in my world is changing.  What was once a perfect place for me no longer is.  There is less ice for me to live on.  I am frightened for my species and for our world.    We are a very gentle form but we need our home. We are being chased out of areas where we once lived with great abundance.  There are man made structures where we once hunted and roamed.  When will this stop?  Will our land be given back to us? 

Wendy:  I know that the earth is warming as a result of man’s use of fossil fuels which is why your land is disappearing.  Many of us are working to change this.  We are changing our lifestyle to be less dependent upon these fuels and to use sources of energy more naturally provided by our world like the sun and the wind.  It won’t happen overnight.  There are people who care about what happens to your species.  They are fighting for you and your survival.  I feel your sadness and I feel your fear. 

Shatung:  How many of you are there?  When will it stop?

Wendy:  I can tell you that the number of those who understand your plight is growing everyday.  Large groups of people have come together to correct what is happening.  Because there are so many of us contributing to this problem we often feel like there is little we can do to make a difference.  Talking with you now I am given more resolve to do every little thing I can think of to reduce my use of fuels so I know I am a part of the solution and not the problem.  If everyone else that cares makes these small changes it will make a difference.  Simple things like changing out incandescent or fluorescent bulbs to LED lights, driving less, lowering (or raising) thermostats, buying locally and with minimal packaging are things we can all do.  We can also choose wisely as we select those who make decisions for us.

I also know that our prayers and intention are very powerful.  I am asking others to take a few minutes to send prayers/light/or intention for resolution to the polar bears. 

 Shatung:  Humans don’t seem to understand the delicate balance of earth’s creatures.  Each species carries a specific energy that contributes to the whole.  If my species or others are lost, there is a tear in the energetic fabric that weakens the overall stamina of the earth affecting all.  There is perfection in our world. 

Wendy: I am truly sorry for what is happening to you and your home.  I do promise to do what I can to help reverse this trend.  Is there anything you would like from me or others?

Shatung: Send the fish back.  The seals are gone because they have no fish to eat and we need the seals. 

Wendy: I will share this information with others so they can make wiser choices.  Thank you for sharing your concerns with me.  Remember that many people do care about you and your families. 

After our conversation I did a google search on Polar Bears.  I learned that some populations are diminishing, but not all.  Still they are an endangered species.  I also learned that overfishing of cod and some other species is resulting in fewer seals and therefore less food for the Polar Bears.  What she said to me about “bring back the fish” then made sense.  If you would like to learn more about how you can help the Polar Bears, here are a couple of sites I found that might be helpful.   Polar Bears International  and World Wild Life Organization.


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1 Response to A Plea from the Arctic Polar Bear

  1. Wendy Wolfe says:

    Dear Readers,

    Shortly after this post was published I received the following email from someone who wants to remain anonymous. I applaud what they are doing to help endangered animals and wanted to share this idea with the rest of you. We can make a difference.

    “I read your recent blog regarding the Polar Bears with great sadness and no surprise. I wanted to let you know of something I have been doing for about 6 months now to try to help all the endangered species of the world by combining reiki and prayer. Your readers could do the same thing or whatever fits for them as another way to help the animals and change the world. I started small. At first I sent reiki to just a few animals until I got used to the amount of energy that was being drawn through me by the animals . If one sends reiki to ALLl the endangered animals of the world in the beginning, the amount of energy one is channeling can be pretty intense if one is not used to it.

    At least once a week, I send reiki energy and a prayer to the animals . The prayer is as follows:
    “I ask for this healing for all the endangered animals of the world, their environments, the people who care for and about them, and the local people who live in and around them in divine order for their highest good. I ask that all the endangered animals, their environments, the people who care for and about them and the local people who live near and around them are ALL able to survive and thrive in a balanced and harmonious way with each other.”

    I believe that the only way to address the problem of the endangered animals of the world is by also addressing the needs of the people who have created the problems by overfishing, over logging, poaching, etc.

    I was inspired to start sending reiki to all the endangered animals of the world after visiting the San Diego Zoo this past summer. I had not been there in probably 25 years. I was shocked at the number of animal enclosures that had a plaque stating that the animal I was viewing was endangered. A far cry from what I experienced many years ago.

    I have also thought of creating a web site that would feature a list and pictures of the endangered animal species around the world who are in need of help. A different animal species would be featured periodically with information about the animal, their environment and why they were endangered and what need to change in order for the animal species to survive and thrive. The website would ask people to pray, send energy, keep the animals in their thoughts or whatever the individual was inspired to do to help the featured animal species or any animal species of their choosing. My idea is that it would be a way for people to actively participate in change with their thought, energy and intention even if they are unable to donate money or contribute in other ways. I thought the website could be a way to really start moving energy in a large way for the animals and their environments around the world.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the computer expertise needed to create the above website.

    Thank you for your blogs. I find them inspirational and insightful. Please keep writing them.”

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