Messages from Raccoon, Mr. “C” and Snake

Today I spoke with Raccoon, Mr. “C” (Cardinal) and Snake.  I knew Raccoon was ready to speak with me as I have felt her around for a few weeks patiently waiting for me.  I also had a sense that Mr. “C” had something to say.  Snake was a surprise.  I think you will find all of it very interesting.

When Raccoon first came into my vision, she was sitting on her haunches, bouncing her front legs around, almost as if she was dancing.  I could feel her energy was very playful and happy.  She seemed delighted that I was finally connecting with her.

Wendy (W):  I apologize for not connecting with you sooner; I have felt you with me for a few weeks now.

Raccoon (R):  No bother, you are here now, that’s what matters.

W:  What do you want to share with us?

R:  This is an important time to play…not be so serious.  Playful energy is a higher vibration than tense serious energy.  Wear masks…for fun, not to hide behind.  Try out many perspectives just to see what it looks like from another’s point of view.  This will give you more understanding, compassion and empathy.  But remember to do this with playfulness and a sense of wonder.

W:  I love your message.  Speaking for myself I do get quite serious about life, energy and the changes taking place.  I have forgotten to be playful.  Is there more you want to share?

R:  Play with others, romp, lay in the sunshine, celebrate life, there is so much abundance here in this Eden.  And you can even be a bit mischievous in a playful, loving way. Sing, dance, enjoy.  I think you get the picture don’t you?

Note:  as she is telling me this I see her and several kits all running, romping and playing.

W:  Yes, remembering to be playful and joyful will support us through the energetic shifts occurring.

R:  This will more than support you…it will support others and the planet too.  Joy and laughter are high vibrations.

W:  Thank you Raccoon.  Thank you so very much for the reminder.

After Raccoon left, I thought Rabbit was going to come but instead, a beautiful red Cardinal appeared.  I call him Mr. “C”.

Wendy (W):  Hello Mr. “C”.  What would you like to share with us?

Cardinal (C):  Now is the time for you to share your gifts, your brilliance.  I wear my color proudly and each of you can also glow and show your true self, your colors.  Sing your own song and share your song, your inner beauty.  Each time you see my brilliant red hue let it remind you of this.  Watch for me.  You will see me in many places in the next week or two.

W:  Thank you, Mr. “C”.

So at this point I still thought Rabbit was going to show up, but again that was not the case.  This time a snake slithered into my view.

Wendy (W):  I wasn’t expecting you but I am glad you are here.  What would you like to share with us?

Snake (S):  I am here to tell you that it’s time to shed your old skin.  As these changes on Earth take place your old skin will no longer fit you.  You have outgrown it and the new skin coming in beneath will be more vibrant and energetically in tune with the new consciousness.

W:  How do we do this?

S:  It is a letting go that must take place.  Sometimes it requires rubbing up against “rough” edges to loosen it.  If you see these “rough” edges as “helpers” and not something negative then it will be easier for you.

W:  I’m interpreting this to mean “rough edges” as perhaps things or people in our life that irritate us or rub us the wrong way. And I hear you saying to observe these irritants as opportunities to let go of something as this will help us to move forward.

S:  Well said.

W:  It there anything else you want to add. Note:  I see her gliding through grass and large rocks and into the river…she is moving quickly and with ease.

S:  When you allow yourself to glide through your terrain, moving amongst and alongside the “obstacles” you can move quickly and easily.  See that there is a path for you…choose to see the path, not the obstacles.

W:  Thank you Snake.

Today we received several important and timely messages.  Be playful and joyful, remembering to see from other’s perspectives.  Be our true selves and sing our song so all can enjoy it.  Shed our old skin, letting go of what no longer serves us.  And finally, see the path that is in front of us, not the obstacles.

We are blessed to have the guidance from these amazing spirits.  Thanks for sharing this journey with me and let me know if you see Mr. “C” or hear from any of these spirits.


About Wendy Wolfe

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Educator
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