Gratitude…A State-of-Heart.

Today as I ponder how to get everything done for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast I am reminded just how very fortunate I am.  There is much in my life to be grateful for beginning with my healthy body and the love of my partner, family and many friends.  My gratitude extends to the many four leggeds I share my life with who enrich my experience here on earth in so many ways.  My life is blessed with work that fills me and connects me with people who share my love of animals. 

Throughout the years I have learned that gratitude is a powerful state-of-heart.  I say state-of-heart because it really isn’t the mind that feels gratitude…gratitude is felt in the heart.  (And interestingly, gratitude heals the heart both emotionally and physically.)  When we think about what we have in our life that brings us joy and gratitude it is a one dimensional aspect.  But when we focus on our heart center and FEEL what we are grateful for a whole new dimension is introduced.   The energy of love, joy and gratitude literally raise our energetic vibration and expand our aura out. 

When learning how to communicate with animals,  the most important part of connecting to an animal is first bringing the feeling of gratitude, love and joy into your heart center and then letting it grow and expand.  When you do this, you shift your energy to one of love that the animals feel when you send your intention out to connect with them.  When you are in this loving state of gratitude it changes how your energy feels to the animal  and facilitates a clear connection.  It’s a simple thing to do and it feels really, really good;-). 

Gratitude is powerful in other ways as well.   Facing a situation filled with conflict can be more easily resolved when you bring your heart to a place of gratitude.  The conflict may be with someone else…or perhaps even one with yourself.  If you find what in the situation you can be grateful for…you shift the energy and change occurs.   It really is that simple.

The other powerful aspect of gratitude I have discovered is how it brings more abundance into your life.  When you have gratitude for what is in your life now, you become more open energetically to having more of that which makes you feel gratitude so more of the good stuff comes. 

Gratitude also tends to bring your focus into the present moment. It is about the here and now, not the past or the future.   Right here, right now, where all your power…well really your only power is.  Take a moment now to come into the present and feel the power of gratitude in your heart.   Let it fill your entire being.  The essence of who you are is waiting there for you…to remind you that you are love and loved.

Blessings and love,



About Wendy Wolfe

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Educator
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2 Responses to Gratitude…A State-of-Heart.

  1. Jane Stanton says:

    Beautifull! I have gratitude for you right now, after you spoke with my cats they have become best friends and play together. The wild one over the road has also listened to you when you told him where the food was and to stick around, I see him out there in the field near the food so I know he is ok. Thank you so much for all you do.

  2. LaurieL says:

    I too am grateful for you, Wendy. From those of us who ache to hear from all of earths Creatures. It is music to my ears. What a wonderful world this could be. Thank you for sharing all that you do. LaurieL

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