What words are you choosing?

Words and thoughts are powerful things.  They have an energy all their own and can create what shows up in our lives.  I know this to my core.  Over and over again I have seen this demonstrated in my life.  I shift my thoughts, my attitude and my life shifts.  Good things happen, life is good.  It affects our animals too…more on that in a bit.

Being human I can forget this and recently did.  With the lightning taking out the computer and printer, then the website server crashing taking out my email as well it has been a bit stressful.  I have looked at this knowing there is a reason, knowing it will be revealed.  And yet, after a while, when it was taking weeks instead of days to be resolved, when more wrenches got thrown into the mix, my attitude, my thoughts and my words began to shift.  What is going on?  Is this never going to end?  Am I not supposed to put out this meditation?  Is my life possessed by demons?  Not the kind of thoughts to create a good reality.  The more I focused on what was wrong, the more “wrong” was created.  And I KNOW BETTER.   I know how powerful these thoughts and words are and yet, I continued.  Until this morning.  As I sunk into a real hole, I asked God/Source please help me understand.  And she did.  In my email inbox was a ezine from Christine Kane, a singer/songwriter and amazing life/business coach.  She reminded me how powerful my thoughts and words are.  And as soon as I shifted my thoughts, an email came solving the last technical issue. 

Now lets talk about your animals.  Are they affected by your thoughts?  Yes.  Not only are they affected by your thoughts and your energy, but they pick up on the images in your mind.  Your expectations of their behavior, health and happiness affect them.  And it is an easy thing to change. 

In my animal communication classes I teach about the power of your thoughts and mind pictures.  I use this example.  A client has a dog who has been poohing on the floor in the house.  She tells me, “I’m driving home and I just know that when I walk in the door there will be pooh there.”  “I can see it on the floor.” Well guess what?  While she is driving home, her dog is tuned into her (they are telepathic you know) and he sees a picture of pooh on the floor from her mind.  And so he delivers.  He doesn’t quite get that she doesn’t want that picture, only that she has it.  And then when she is upset or yells, he is confused.  When she changes her thoughts about it, the behavior changes.  Of course it’s important to find out what else might be contributing to the behavior such as emotional or physical issues but the thoughts are incredibly powerful.

We can also exacerbate situations by focusing intently on them.  If we only see the unwanted behavior and don’t notice the good behavior, we end up inadvertently creating more bad behavior.  The more we label our animals and see them a certain way, the more they show up that way.  What labels are you using?  “My cat is a maniac”; “My dog never listens to me”; “I can’t stop her from ……”.  Starting today, label them in good ways.  See the best in them and use your thoughts to help them live a happy, healthy life.  It really is possible. 

And while you are at it, change the thoughts about your own self and life.  Put the stick down and embrace the beauty of who you are.  You are unique to this world and no other person has the special gifts you do.


About Wendy Wolfe

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Educator
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4 Responses to What words are you choosing?

  1. Karen says:

    wonderful blog. especially words and thoughts. I constantly need reminding.
    thank you, Wendy.

  2. Jane Stanton says:

    Hi Wendy, thank you for reminding us about the power of thoughts and words.I have not been very good in this the last few days as I came across a starving kitten out side a resturant a few miles away from where I live.I knew I had to do something,as I put the word out a lady in that area came forth and she traps stray cats. So within a day she got the mother and one of the kittens and is trying to get the last one, they are older weaned kittens. Now I just have to turn my thoughts around to being posative that I can find homes for them once they have been fixed at the vets.And tamed a bit. Seeing it in my mind handing them over to some kind person who wants them. Thoughts are very powerfull indeed.

  3. Wendy Wolfe says:

    Jane, how wonderful that you are helping out these kittens. The pictures in your mind handing them over are perfect!

  4. Daniela LeBlanc says:

    Hi Wendy,
    you recently did a session with our cats Charlie and Gerry (aka the cool dude). Well, it made a big difference in a number of ways. They both would wake us up REALLY early in the morning. After the last session with you, they settled down a bit. But then we started feeding them an enzyme/mineral/vitamin supplement and all hell broke loose! Charlie, our older 14-year old cat has turned into a kitten and I am seriously sleep-deprived. His favorite play-hours are 2am-5:30am – every morning! So yesterday, as they both sat on the couch on their favorite blanket, chilling and cleaning, we had a short conversation about allowing us to sleep through the night. I pictured myself sleeping deeply and curled up in my blankets. I also told him (and pictured it in my head) that he was playing downstairs and guess what? I had a night of uninterrupted sleep.
    My horses remind me of this too. If I picture in my mind of what I want, I have a much better chance of getting it. If I anticipate them acting up, it usually happens. And most of the time they look at me like: but I thought that’s what you wanted! So yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you.They have an amazing sense of what we are thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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