Five am again.

So here it is the wee hours of the morning again.   First, the dogs wake me up, usually King, to have an early morning potty break.  Once I get curled up back in bed the thoughts begin and there seems to be no stopping them.  Why resist?  It is when brilliance comes. 

My website is gone to me for all practical purposes but my amazingly talented niece is helping me rebuild.  Thoughts about copy for my website are racing through my head when I remember a simple sentence I have seen over the last week each time I tried to access my webpage.  Aside from “this link appears to be broken”, there was always the other “access a cached copy of this page”.  Yes!  Somewhere out in cyberspace, in a land I am clueless about, exists a copy of my website.  I can copy it into a word document and not have to rewrite everything…at least not yet.  And so at 5 am the laptop gets turned on, the cached page found and hours and hours of work are saved with a few simple click, drags, copy and paste.  Technology in all of its splendor.

One page was not available.  Reincarnation.  The story of Tiger.  Many have read his remarkable story and have been touched, comforted and brought to tears by it.  I find it interesting that it is the one page that is missing.  Of course I do have the story on my computer so it is not lost…and it is in my heart as well so could always be recreated, yet…I wonder why this is missing.  It could be as simple as it wasn’t viewed since the last time a cache was created (however that happens) but there are no coincidences so I am left to ponder.  Eventually when the time is right, the answer will appear.

As I am laying in bed, still fighting a bit with this whole get up at 5 am thing, I realize it is my beloved little dogs who always wake me at this time.  If they didn’t I suspect I would sleep through the ah ha moments.  When you stop to think about it, our animal companions really have much to offer us in living a healthy fun-filled life.

My dogs get me out in the morning for a good brisk walk everyday.  It didn’t used to be that way but when we adopted Hanna, a 2 1/2 yr old Westie, the occasional walk was no longer an option.  Hannah needs two good long walks per day to stay balanced.  An hour or so at the dog park is always a good idea too.  So now, every single day I go walking.  Not walking doesn’t even seem to be an option.

My horses ensure that I get my weight lifting in every day as I pass out their hay.  And during the spring-fall months, they have added another healthy bonus, stretching.  We began using grazing muzzles with the horses this year…which have solved several issues…and each morning I stretch to get their muzzles off the rack high up in the barn where Becky puts them and then stretch to put them on everyone.  Stretching, lifting, walking, its all good.  

Of course the unconditional love they shower on us helps us most of all.  As humans we struggle with providing unconditional love to our loved ones…we want to…we try to…but we are humans and we are raised conditionally so it is hard for us to let go of every judgment or idea of how someone should be.  This is not a problem for the animals.  We are who we are and that is okay…they love us just as we are.  We can learn this from them…I am always trying. 

 Their big secret is living in the present moment.  It really is the only way they know how to be.  When they..and we …live in this right now moment, nothing else matters and so there really can be no judgement because a judgement is usually tied to a future or past event.  The only moment that is real is this moment.  It is the only place we have any power and it is where we find peace.

This morning I am heading to the Milwaukee area to do craniosacral therapy on some horses.  When I do this energy type work on horses I am always rejuvenated myself as well.  Yes, the horses always show great improvement afterwards but I find it very interesting that I benefit as much or more from the work.  Another healthy benefit from the animals.

As I type away here I notice that all the dogs have gone back to sleep.  Their work is done, they got me up, I started writing, and now they are sleeping soundly.  They are not worried about the coming day, what clothes to wear or who said what.  They are just living a life of BEING.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

So I would like to hear from all of you…whoever you are out there…what are you learning from your animal companions?  Share your stories here because we all need to hear them.


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Animal Communicator & Intuitive Educator
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2 Responses to Five am again.

  1. Jill Negri says:

    I have learned many things from watching my dogs, but most of all I have learned forgiveness. I sometimes used to find it difficult to forgive until I started really watching the dogs. There are so many things we can learn from our animals if we just slow down and pay attention. They can have a little disagreement between them or even sometimes an all out brawl, but in just a few minutes they are best buddies again and snuggling on the couch. Animals definitely live in the now…something I think we can all benefit from. I am very thankful for all the animals that have come into my life.

    One day while doing Reiki on a dog who had just had a seizure she kept standing up and turning her butt to me. I couldn’t figure out why she was doing that other than maybe she wanted me to pet her back end. I would joking say to her that I wanted the “cute end” and not that end. I could feel the energy really flowing and then it hit me like a ton of bricks…I asked Annie’s human if she had problems with her hips and sure enough she did. Annie was trying to tell me that that was the area she wanted me to focus on. I love spending time with animals and am amazed by them every day.

    • Wendy Wolfe says:

      Good point Jill. They let go of whatever happens shortly afterwards…no grudges here.

      Now that you are beginning to work with the essential ois you will notice even more of how they know what they need. I’m so glad you are listening to them…it is so important.

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